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where curiosity can be enhanced

0-2 year olds

We know that every child is unique and that their needs are different as they develop their personalities and discover who they are. Babies and young children need time to rest, have cuddles, explore and most of all, know they are loved and cared for.

Our ‘first playroom’ reflects these needs, with a quiet, relaxing sleep room, a snug with soft play, natural materials, mirrors and caring adults who are skilled and gifted in meeting these important needs.

2-4 year olds

As children grow older so does their imagination, exploration and curiosity. Our ‘large playroom’ really embraces this, with a role play area, dressing up, small world, arts, crafts, music and much more.

We blend all ages of children together and we see the many benefits that this brings to all children. The younger children watch and learn from the older and the older learn to care for and respect the younger – like a family unit. This is special for siblings who enjoy time together and for children who do not have this opportunity elsewhere.


Sticky Fingers embraces in the outdoors. With fresh air, space to move freely and daily natural opportunities, the seasons bring wonderful first-hand experiences, from worms, woodlice and other mini beasts to blossom and snowflakes. We have a wide range of activities and opportunities for the children to enjoy outdoors which can often be enhanced by the wind, rain, snow, sun. The changing weather brings a new adventure and texture to the children’s learning opportunities and play. We often says, “There is no such thing as bad weather, its just about getting the clothing right!”.

Trips and Outings

We love to go out on trips and outings as it gives children a first-hand experience of their world and its cultures. We go for walks in our local area to explore wildlife and visit the library bus. We also travel on the local public bus or our minibus and venture out to the York Walls (beautiful in springtime), The Railway Museum, The Air Museum and many other places. The children love looking at the different features in their environment and enjoy experiencing a day out with their friends. This allows them to be involved in their local community and see the people and environment which are a part of that.


‘Forest School’ is a Scandinavian idea that has been used in the UK for over 30 years. It involves regular visits to woodlands where children participate in activities and games designed to build self-esteem, communication skills and self-confidence whilst learning about the natural environment. They learn lots, but above all have great fun. Sticky Fingers has qualified ‘Forest School teachers’ and has an area set up for educational purposes where the children develop forestry skills including making shelters and dens, creative art, tool use, campfires, exploration and nature study. The children love taking part in these activities and we love watching them grow in confidence using different techniques and communicating as a team to work together and collaborate.

Learning and Education

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Scientots has an extensive programme of unique and exciting science workshops for inquisitive minds. We cover a range of scientific topics, from bugs and bubbles to dinosaurs and digestion! Exciting experiments enable groups of pre-school little ones to develop their problem solving, communication and understanding of the world around them through fun science! Workshops can also be tailor-made to suit your setting.

Each workshop is linked to the EYFS, making observations of those magical moments of scientific discovery easy to capture and link to the children’s developmental journey. Following feedback from Ofsted, each workshop has a fun “What to do next” activity, which can extend the children’s learning at home or within the nursery setting.


Language learning made fun through singing, play, role play and storytelling. Our classes are interactive and fun, designed to introduce children to a new language using our multi-sensory and child-centred methodology. We speak 100% in the foreign language but our skills and expertise ensure everyone understands.

Following our carefully tried and tested methodology, children could leave the very first class responding to Spanish. 

All of our courses are aligned with EYFS. We link to the Prime areas of learning Personal, Social & Emotional Development and Communication & Language. There are also great links with the Specific areas such as Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Sessions are led by experienced, fluent and fully accredited tutors.


At Sticky Fingers we love baking! The children bake on a regular basis building the children’s experiences and their physical development. Through weighing, pouring, mixing, rolling, kneading and other techniques, the children are using a variety of muscles which is beneficial as they play and begin writing. It also helps the children to begin looking at maths in their environment as they explore the numbers on the scales, counting tablespoons or looking at shapes of cutters.
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In our garden we have a herb bed which is accessible for all children, big or small. We also have an allotment where the children grow seasonal vegetables and fruits. They especially enjoy washing, mashing, chopping, and eating the produce in a variety of ways. The children build on their understanding of the world and develop a knowledge of how things grow, decay and change over time.

Arts and Crafts

The children have access to arts and crafts, with opportunities to draw, paint, glue and stick, junk model and many other things. We have a creative area both inside and out to allow the children to create pieces of art on small or large scales, improving their fine and gross motor skills.

Music and dance

Who doesn’t love to move around and have lots of fun? We love a dance party and getting our bodies moving in different ways. The children love to choose their favourite song and show us their special dance moves. Singing is an excellent way of projecting voices and learning to talk more confidently. Music and dance is a universal language which can be enjoyed by all cultures, which we show the children.

Learning and Education

We aim to provide a wide range of enjoyable and stimulating play activities to encourage your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development, helping them to achieve their full potential in a safe, caring and homely environment.

We put the four principles of EYFS into practice. These are:

1) A Unique Child – Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

We understand and observe each child’s development and learning, assess progress, plan for next steps. We:

  • support children to develop a positive sense of their own identity and culture
  • identify any need for additional support
  • keep children safe
  • value and respect all children and families equally.

2) Positive Relationships –Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and or / carers and a key person.

3) Enabling Environments – The environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning. With teaching and support from adults, who respond to their individual interests and needs and help them to build their learning over time.

4) Learning and Development – Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of Learning and Development are equally important and inter-connected.

Children need the opportunity to play, to acquire skills and find out about the world around them. They do this by exploring their environment and constantly practising their developing skills. We understand the importance of play and the many learning qualities that can be gained through it.

Out of School Care

Sticky Fingers Tiny School Ltd. provides Out of School Care running a daily Breakfast Club and After School Club, from the school site.

Children come together before school hours, and we help to prepare the children for the day ahead. We walk the children to their classrooms and ensure they get to school safely and on time.

Fun activities and a light snack at After School Club allows children to have the opportunity to wind down and enjoy socialising with others.

We have a minibus for collecting children from Warthill school. Many families enjoy the benefit of one site collection for siblings who attend the nursery and schools.

Holiday Club is planned with a range of activities including multi sports, den building, campfires, baking, games, films, and yoga.

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